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Provide the solution of dust remover free of charge, and provide the quality assurance of installation and maintenance


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Remove dust, mainly used for crush or collecting equipment good at small anddry non-fibrous dust,to protect environment, improve Labor conditions,with stable performance.

a.High efficiency 99.99% ,let the dust air clean to low 5mg/Nm3

b.No filter material wear phenomenon, easy maintenance save money and labor,no second pollution.

c.Low resistance, less air consumption of compressed air

» Cartridge dust collector

The filter cartridge dust collector uses the filter cartridge as a filter element or adopts a pulse blower.
The filter cartridge dust collector can be divided into oblique insertion, side-mounted, ceiling-mounted and top-mounted.


» Cartridge dust collector

The dust removal mechanism of the cyclone dust remover is to make the dust-containing airflow rotate, and the dust particles are separated from the airflow by the centrifugal force and collected on the wall, and then the dust particles are dropped into the ash bucket by the action of gravity.


» Cloth bag dust collector

Bag type dust collector It is suitable for trapping small, dry, non-fibrous dust.
The filter bag is made of woven filter cloth or non-woven felt, and the dust-containing gas is filtered by the filtering effect of the fiber fabric.
When the dust-containing gas enters the bag filter, the dust with large particles and large specific gravity settles down due to gravity and falls into the ash hopper.

» The Specification of bag type dust collecto

 Item  Dimension of bag(mm) Quantity Filtrationarea Ventilationvolume Comepressedair
BMC66  Φ135×2000 36 50m2 6500m3/h 0.4-0.5 15
BMC86  Φ165×2700 48 67m2 8700m3/h 0.5-0.7 18.5
BMC89  Φ165×2700 72 101m2 13000m3/h 0.5-0.7 22
BMC812 Φ178×3500 80 173m2 22500m3/h 0.5-0.7 30
BMC816 Φ178×3500 106 230m2 30000m3/h 0.5-0.7 37
BMC820 Φ178×3500 132 288m2 37500m3/h 0.5-0.7 45
BMC824 Φ178×3500 160 346m2 45000m3/h 0.5-0.7 55
BMC828 Φ178×3500 224 403m2 52560m3/h 0.5-0.7 75
BMC832 Φ178×3500 256 461m2 60000m3/h 0.5-0.7 90


»The Specification of filter cartridge type


Item Dimensionof
Quantity Filtrationarea  Filtrationvelocity  Ventilationvolume  Comepressedair
BHR-4 Φ350×660 4 48m2 0.85m/s 3000m3/h 0.5-0.7 5.5
BHR-8 Φ350×660 8 120m2 0.85m/s 6000m3/h 0.5-0.7 7.5
BHR-12 Φ350×660 12 180m2 0.85m/s >9000m3/h 0.5-0.7 11
BHR-16 Φ350×660 16 240m2 0.85m/s 12000m3/h 0.5-0.7 15
BHR-24 Φ350×660 24 360m2 0.85m/s 18000m3/h 0.5-0.7 18.5
BHR-32 Φ350×660 32 480m2 0.85m/s 2400m3/h 0.5-0.7 22
BHR-36 Φ350×660 36 540m2 0.85m/s 27000m3/h 0.5-0.7 30
BHR-40 Φ350×660 40 600m2 0.85m/s 30000m3/h 0.5-0.7 37
BHR-48 Φ350×660 48 720m2 0.85m/s 36000m3/h 0.5-0.7 45
BHR-56 Φ350×660 56 840m2 0.85m/s 42000m3/h 0.5-0.7 55
BHR-64 Φ350×660 64 960m2 0.85m/s 56000m3/h 0.5-0.7 75

»About Us:

We are modern comprehensive large-scale foundry machinery enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production and operation.
We provide customers with one-stop solutions for dust removal systems, and have now solved problems for more than 1,500 companies worldwide.

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»FAQ1.Payment Term

1.T/T,30% deposit +70% balanced before shipment.


1 set.

3.Delivery Time

30 days after received your payment

4.Factory visit available any time 

We can pick you up from Yancheng or Shanghai International Airport.

Anything you need or unclear, pls free free to contact card of Merry 8.28.jpg

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