How did Yancheng Dingtai Machinery Co., Ltd. deliver goods normally during the epidemic?

How did Yancheng Dingtai Machinery Co., Ltd. deliver goods normally during the epidemic?

1. Earnestly abide by the provisions on epidemic prevention and control

As a shot blasting machine manufacturer, our company, according to the relevant requirements of the epidemic situation, should check the technical performance of the vehicle before leaving the vehicle, plan the driving route, bring enough daily necessities, carry out the negative nucleic acid test in advance, complete the protective and disinfection and sterilization supplies, regularly disinfection and sterilization the vehicle and implement the personal protective measures.


Timely understand and master the relevant requirements for epidemic prevention and control in the destination and passing places, and actively cooperate with the prevention and control staff at all levels in nucleic acid detection, inspection and registration, code scanning, temperature measurement and other work. Do not go to the areas with medium and high risks and reported cases unnecessarily. If you transport goods through or from the areas with medium and high risks of the epidemic, try not to get off and contact the goods in the whole process, so as to reduce unnecessary contact.


2.The staff of shot blasting machine manufacturer shall strictly carry out personal protection

During the operation of the vehicle, it is necessary to do a good job in personal protection, wear masks, regularly kill the vehicle, do not contact other people unnecessarily, consciously abide by the provisions and requirements of epidemic prevention and control, choose boxed meals or bring your own meals, avoid eating in the hall, and do not enter large supermarkets, baths and other crowded places.


If there are symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, diarrhea and decreased sense of smell (taste) on the way out, the trip shall be cancelled or terminated. On the premise of personal protection, timely seek medical treatment nearby, and try to avoid taking public transport on the way to medical treatment. When the vehicle enters the service area halfway, it shall strictly obey the epidemic prevention management system of the service area, carefully abide by the parking, refueling, catering, shopping, toilet and other regulations, and do not arbitrarily discard the garbage in the vehicle.


3.The manufacturer of shot blasting machine shall take the initiative to report relevant information in advance before shipment

All drivers entering (returning) coke outside Yancheng City, especially those returning from cities with epidemic diseases, please take the initiative to report to the communities (villages), units and service enterprises through ”My Yancheng” App in advance, and cooperate with the implementation of various epidemic prevention measures.


If you are a friend of a truck driver who delivers goods to Jiaozuo, please take the initiative to truthfully report your personal information to the delivery enterprise to facilitate your trip. If you do not take the initiative to declare, conceal or falsely report your personal itinerary and health status, which will affect the epidemic prevention and control, you may be investigated for corresponding responsibilities according to law.


4. Always tighten the string of “safety”

During the operation period, strictly abide by the provisions of safety production, carefully carry out the safety overhaul and maintenance of vehicles, strictly abide by the traffic regulations, do not drive after drinking, do not exceed the limit and overload, do not drive fatigue, do not exceed the speed limit, do not carry dangerous goods in violation of regulations, drive carefully and stop safely in bad weather.

Thank all colleagues of Yancheng Dingtai Machinery Co., Ltd. for their understanding, support and cooperation in the prevention and control work during the special period. Let’s work together to overcome the difficulties and win the battle of epidemic prevention and control. We wish the friends of freight drivers smooth trip and safe.


Post time: May-09-2022

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