How to solve the problem of poor cleaning effect of shot blasting machine?

How to solve the problem of poor cleaning effect of shot blasting machine?
The reasons for unsatisfactory cleaning effect of shot blasting machine are as follows
1、 The supply of projectiles is insufficient and new projectiles should be added appropriately;
2、 The shot direction of the shot blaster is not accurate, and the window position of the directional sleeve of the shot blaster is adjusted;
3、 If the pellet size is not right, the pellet size should be re selected;
4、 If the pellets are caked or used for a long time, the pellets shall be replaced
The solution to the low dust removal efficiency of the dust catcher of the shot blasting machine is introduced below
1. The connection of dust collector fan is wrong, the fan reverses and rewired;
2. The filter cartridge in the dust collector is not installed firmly or damaged, or the filter cartridge is missing;
3. The connection of dust removal pipeline is not well sealed to ensure the sealing of all parts;
4. The cleaned workpiece does not fall sand as required, there is too much molding sand left, and the dust content of dust removal inlet air is too high;
5. The back blowing mechanism of the dust remover is not used or used for a few times, and the dust blocks the filter cartridge, and the dust attached to the filter cartridge is removed in time,
If you have a better way, please leave a message. We will be very honored to discuss with you all the problems about shot blasting machine.

Post time: Aug-09-2021

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