What is our acceptance standard for crawler shot blasting machine?

After the new crawler shot blasting machine is installed, we need to accept it.

When we accept, what are the acceptance criteria?

1. Does the shot blasting machine vibrate?

For this type of problem, there are no specific parameters, and can only be distinguished by help. The shot blasting machine of the shot blasting machine is a high-speed running part. It is impossible without vibration. But if you hear a lot of vibrations outside Wuzhu. Seeing that it drives the entire device to vibrate is a problem.

2. After running, whether the bucket lifting belt is off track

Generally speaking, the lifting belt is allowed to deviate slightly without affecting the use effect. If the elevator runs away from the left and right and cannot be solved by adjusting and tightening the screws, then this is a complete quality problem.

3. Is the switch flexible

In this regard, I believe you should know how to check.

4. Whether the switch of the power distribution cabinet can drive the equipment to open and close sensitively.

5. Whether the screw conveyor can operate normally.

Open the grill of the clean room and check whether the screw shaft is bent, whether the screw is firmly welded, and whether there is noise when the screw is rotating.

Post time: Aug-09-2021

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