What types of shot blasting machines are suitable for users? Depends on workpiece size and output.


There are several different configurations of the shot blasting machine. The classification of the structure is divided according to the casting carrier, and each structure has its own unique function.


Rugged small and medium-sized castings are best suited for drum type or chain type;

The finishing of large castings is usually carried out by trolley, rotary or hanging, and like this is usually done in a fixed blasting chamber. Other shot blasting machines can also be divided into intermittent and continuous according to the frequency of working hours.

Shot blasting machines can also be used to remove burrs, planning and rust, which may affect the integrity, appearance, or definition of objects. The shot blasting machine also removes surface contaminants from a partially coated surface and provides an additive coating surface profile for the purpose of strengthening the workpiece.

Shot blasting machines are not the same as shot blasting machines, in that they are used to reduce the fatigue life of parts and add different surface stresses, add strength to the parts, or avoid fretting.

Post time: Mar-03-2020

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