Why Choose Us for your shot blasting machine supplier?

About Dingtai Company:

Our shot blasting machines effectively remove impurities, clean and descale surfaces, add texture to enhance paint adhesion and increases coating life of steel applications.

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    Reduce Downtime

    Increase Production Time

    High Production

    Lower Maintenance Costs

    Onsite Installation


Why Choose Us?

We are experts in shot blasting machines manufacturing from China, we produce, inspect, and ship directly to you.

So whether or not this is your first product sourced from China, or if you simply need an expert to make your life easier by handling everything for you, Yancheng Ding Tai Machinery Co.,Ltd are a safe pair of hands to help you secure your product. You will find it at the right price, from reliable factory and have it delivered to the you in destination country.

  • We don’t charge for sourcing,we are factory
  • We are experienced
  • Strong, tested relationships with Chinese factories and inspectors
  • We are the best factory to produce your type of product
  • We operate as your in house sourcing expert
  • Overseas field installation can be achieved
  • Services after sales are available from us

If you are ready to move forward and think we could help you source shot blasting machine from China, then please contact us for a free consultation.


Yancheng Ding Tai Machinery Co.,Ltd,

handling everything to your door

Since 2008 Yancheng Ding Tai Machinery Co.,Ltd has been producing and exporting products from China for our growing list of clients, building up a wide range of contacts and forging strong relationships with Sea and land transportation logistics company – we have years of excellent experience in producing both standard as well as the more unusual or new shot blasting machine products.

Why use a Yancheng Ding Tai Machinery Co.,Ltd exporter?

Sourcing shot blasting from China Yancheng Ding Tai Machinery Co.,Ltd ,can greatly reduce production costs and therefore increase profitability – of course, the whole process can be a minefield and increased profits only hold true if you can get the right product at the right price.

Let me know, if there is anything we can do for you.


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Post time: Jul-15-2020

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