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Q37 series shot blasting machine

Hook shot blasting machine is a standard product of shot blasting machine. The machine has no pits, saves construction costs, is conducive to environmental protection, and does not harm health. The workpiece can obtain uniform and good shot blasting. The shot blasting machine introduces foreign advanced technology. The shot blasting amount is large and the wearing parts have high wear resistance.As a system, the hook conveyor can provide a variety of different optimization schemes for the conveyance of the workpiece, which greatly saves production costs, and simultaneously solves the problem of conveying the workpiece. The unique design of the track, such as branch diverter, branch junction structure, meets To the different conveying requirements of the workpiece. The modification cost of route change or extension is very low. The workpiece hanging type can be operated by hand, forklift, crane, electric hoist or robot outside the shot blasting machine room, and then transported to the shot blasting room. All surfaces of the workpiece are cleaned at one time. The spreader is driven by the motor to rotate and vibrate. In small equipment, the spreader can also be designed to rotate forward and backward to achieve shot blasting of the workpiece at different angles to avoid dead angles.


Features of Q37 series hook shot blasting machine

Hook type shot blasting machine has large shot blasting capacity, high shot blasting cleaning efficiency, large indoor working space, compact structure, and uses no pit form. There are no special requirements for the shape and structure of the workpiece to be cleaned. This series can be used for multiple purposes. Products are widely used in shot blasting machinery manufacturing and foundry industry.


1、Cleaning fast
2、Can use PLC automatic control or manual control
3、3D disign and plasma cutting
4、Chamber liner by olling Mn13 steel,at least 2~5 years
5、With single hook type or herringbone track double hook type
6、Equipment with pulse filter cartridge dust collector

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Machine Picture

The hook type shot blasting machine can rotate the pneumatic door, variable frequency governor, and PLC automatic control system as required. The top frame of 2 tons or more needs to be equipped with load bearing columns.


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