Roller Conveyor Type Abrasive Shot Blasting Cleaning for H Beam Structural Steel,conveyor sandblaster

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Roller Conveyor Type Abrasive Shot Blasting Cleaning  for H Beam Structural Steel,conveyor sandblaster


Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine(Q69)
The Q69 series roller type shot blasting machine is pass-through shot blasting machine used for the cleaning of steel plate, steel structure and profile. This kind of shot blasting machine can not only remove the scale and dust during welding, but also can enhance workpieces fatigue resistance, reaching the purpose of improving the inner and surface quality of steel plate

H beam shot blasting machine:
Shot blasting machine for h beam is designed and produced by adopting the advantages of similar products from both within the country and abroad. The rusting cleaning part (shot blasting) adopts high-efficient blast wheel and full shutter type shot sand separator. The sweeping machine adopts specially made high-strength nylon rolling brush and high-pressure ventilator. The preheating and drying part of shot blasting machine may adopt various heating methods. The paint spraying part adopts high-pressure airless spraying method. The complete set of equipment is controlled by PLC, and is the large-size complete equipment of international advanced.

QH69 shot blasting machine is mainly used for surface treatment (namely preheating, rust removal, paint spraying and drying) of steel plate and various structural sections, as well as for cleaning and strengthening of metal structural parts.


Q 1: Do you have after-sale service?
A: Yes, we have perfect after-sale service

Q 2: How long can your spare parts be used?
A: Blade, control cage and distributor are high chrome, and can be used for more than 2000 hours.
Kinds of guard board can be used for more than 3000 hours.

Q 3: Where is your factory?
A: We are near QINGDAO Airport, you are welcome to be QINGDAOAirport and then we will arrange car to pick you up there. Sincerely welcome here to investigate our factory in person.
Q 4. How about your company?
A: Our company is the biggest manufacturer of metal abrasive and shot blasting machine in china, we have exported to more than 30 counries and regions, and got good comments from overseas and domestic.

Technical parameter

Technical parameter of pass-through type shot blasting machine Q69
No. Model
Q698 Q6912 Q6915 Q6920 Q6925 Q6930 Q6940
1 Width of workpiece mm 800 1200 1500 2000 2500 3000 4000
2 Size of inlet opening mm 800*
2500*800 3000*800 4000*400
3 Length of workpiece mm 1200-
3000-12000 2400-12000 4500-18000
4 Roller speed m/min 0.5-4 0.5-4 0.5-5 0.5-4 0.5-4.5 0.5-4 2-8
5 Thickness of plate mm 3-60 3-60 1.5-60 3-60 3-60 3-110 4.5-110
6 Abrasive flow rate kg/min 8*120 4*250 4*250 6*250 6*250 6*360 8*360
7 Abrasive initial fill kg 4000 4000 4000 4500 4500 8000 11000
8 Adjusting height of rolling brush mm 400 200 350 450 600 850 900
9 Ventilation capacity m3/h 22000 17560 19000 19550 27758 28050 38000
10 Total power of shot blast machine
(no dust collector)
kw 90 78.3 113.6 156.6 224.55 204.8 293.6

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