Rubber Belt Track Sand Blaster Q32 Shot Blasting Machine,crawler type shot blast cleaning machine

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The crawler projectile is equipped with a cantilever centrifugal projectile, which has a large projectile Angle, high efficiency and no dead Angle. It has the characteristics of long service life and simple structure.

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Rubber Belt Track Sand Blaster Q32 Shot Blasting Machine

  • Application:  It provides a cost-effective solution for batch cleaning, deburring, descaling, decoring, deflashing and peening a wide variety of products.
  • Equipment: Track Loading device (Optional), blast wheel, abrasive recycle system, separator , dust collector, control system.

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Rubber Belt Type Shot Blasting Machine Uses

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous castings
  • Heat treated forgings
  • Small Automotive parts
  • Die castings and much more
  • Lower value parts where part on part impingement is not an issue
  • When production requires dictate batch processing
  • Small to medium size castings, fabrications and heat-treated parts
  • Sand removal or part cleaning

Machine details;

    • Our belt shot blasting machines are designed to process a variety of parts that can be tumbled.
    • The endless conveyor belt and lateral round place creates a trough in which parts are treated.
    • The number and power of the turbines are chosen according to the requirement production rate.
    • Optional PLC control system, stable quality and easy to get support from local.
    • Component key parts adopt world famous brand, such as Siemens, Omron, Schneider, Mitsubishi.
    • No-pit, easy for install and move and save cost.
    • A high volume of parts can be processed in a small working area.
    • All shot blasting machines are totally integrated with abrasive reclaim systems, separator and dust collector.
    • 20 years experienced engineers, customized service avaliable.
    • Superior design, quality and rugged construction make our barrel machines more reliable and easier to maintain.
    • After-sale service support will be provided within 24hours.

Technique parameters:


Item Unit Q326C Q3210 QR3210 15GN 28GN
Productivity T/h 0.6-1.2 2.0~2.5 3.0-5.0 5–6 10–12
Feeding amount kg 200 600 600 1300 3500
Max weight of single piece kg 10 30 30 230 363
Diameter of end disk mm ø650 ø1000 ø1000 ø1092 ø1245
Effective volume 0.15 0.3 0.3 0.43 0.79
Shot-blasting capacity kg/min 100 250 250 480 700
Air volume for dedusting m³/h 2200 3500 5000 5300 6500
Power cinsumption kw 12.6 22 24.3 49.3 64.5
Outline dimension mm 3681*1650*5800 3800*1900*4500 3972*2600*4768 4597*3262*5709 5300*5432*6814


 Picture presentation

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