Shot Blasting Machine for Steel Pipe Outer Wall Cleaning from china

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Shot Blasting Machine for Steel Pipe Outer Wall Cleaning


1. Production description

This machine is applicable to the steel tube and pipe products to deal with internal and external surface, remove the oxide welding slag, and other miscellaneous items, showing a metallic luster.
Eliminate inner stress, enhance work piece's fatigue resistance, to improve the anti-fatigue properties of the work piece.
The work piece to increase the film adhesion when painting, and ultimately to improve the quality of surface and internal purpose.
Shot at the same time agencies to work with targeted supplementary clean-up, completely clean purpose.

Use: This series cleaning machine  is applicable to various diameters steel tube surface cleaning, widely used in

petrochemical engineering, steel, district heating, water industrial and so on.


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2. Advantage

- For cleaning the outer wall of steel pipes and tubes.
- Floor mounted "BE" air wash separator for ease of observation and maintenance.
- The blast compartment and floor are consist of manganese plating to ensure longevity.
- Fully automatic design to provide high volume production and cost effective performance.

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Model Cleaning size(mm) Cleaning speed(m/min)  
QGW100 50-300 2-10 Inner walls of shot blasting machine
QGW720 159-720 2-6
QGW1200 219-1016 1-6
QGW1500 325-1600 1-6
QGW2800 1016-2800 1-2
QGN100 50-300 1-4 Outer walls of shot blasting machine
QGN700 325-720 1-2
QGN1000 720-1016 1-4
QGN1500 1016-1500 1-4

4. Structural characteristic

This machine is a special reciprocating steel sand blasting machine, which consists of Blasting chamber, Blasting wheel assembly, Roller conveyor, Abrasive recycling system (Screw conveyor, Elevator, Separator), Dust removal system, Electric control system, etc.

Blasting chamber
Shot blasting chamber shells adopt profile steel and steel plate welding structure, is a strong, sealing, spacious operation space for shot blasting of work piece. Shot blasting chamber is made by room body shell, gate, wall around, lateral wall, roof after, guard board etc.

Blast wheel assembly
Blast wheel assembly is made up of blast wheel shell, motor, importing tube, leaf, impeller, directional set of pills, points wheel, block sand plate, guard board and other components, which leaves, guard board, etc all wear parts using 20% high-chromium cast iron.

Abrasive recycling system
Include Screw conveyor, Bucket elevator, Separator, abrasive storage and supply units.

Dust removal system
This machine adopts Cartridge or Bag type dust collector, is exhausted air produced during working. The dedusting efficiency is up to 99.6%, powder density is less than 100mg/m3,much stricter than the national standard.

Electric control system
Set shot ball circulatory failure alarm function, if any parts of the system fails, the above components automatically stop running, to prevent the shot ball stuck and burning power device.


Pipe-OuterWall-Clean (8).jpg


Pipe-OuterWall-Clean (5).jpg


A. Our engineers can work separately according to the requirements of  design for clients of the equipment. and send a customer confirmation to help customers to save costs.
B.During the manufacture of the equipment, we photograph product production progress, and sent to the customer to track the progress.
C. The goods hair go, we will send the original documents for the customer (such as packing list, bill, CO, Form E, Form A, Form F, Form M, B/L etc.)
D. We can provide customers with free English foundation drawing, installation drawings, manuals, maintenance manuals and parts drawings.
E. We can send our engineers to installation and debugging overseas, and free training of operators and maintenance workers.


A. How many days do you need to produce this machine?
This is specially designed machine according to your specific requirement. From engineer designing to production completion, It needs about 45-50 days.
B. What does your factory do regarding quality control?
We pay much more importance to quality control from the very begining to the end of production. Every machine will be fully assembled and carefully tested before shipment.
C. What's your machine quality guarantee?
Quality guarantee time is one year, we choose world famous brand components to keep our machine in perfect working condition.
D. Are you able to give installation and commissioning overseas? How long will it take?
YES, we supply overseas service, but customer needs to pay for the engineers flight tickets and hotel foods.
Small machine usually takes within 5 days.
Big machine usually takes about 20 days.
E. How can I trust you to deliver the right machine as I ordered?
We will absolutely deliver a good quality machine as we discussed and confirmed in the order. The process of production and shipment we will take photos and sent to you.

7.Company Information:

We established in 2012,covering area nearly 17000square.
We focus on various series shot blasting machinery,sand casting equipment,construction machinery,foundry machinery and other industrial research and development.
The company has passed ISO9001,CE and BV certification.
We have many customers in China, USA,EUROPEA,some Asain countries, India, South Africa, Tanzania, Nepal, and founded agents.
We sincerely looking forward to corporate with you and you company.



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