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Abrator Machine Type and Electric Shot Blast Wheel


Description of shot blasting wheel

Shot blasting equipment is widely used in surface cleaning off the sand castings, castings, forgings, welded parts, heat treatment and surface preparation of steel and profiles, and withstand high stress change springs, leaf springs and gears and other parts of strengthened. Shot Blasting cleanup is a means of long-distance high-speed projectile projectile does not touch the surface of the clean-up, so the process is not being cleaned workpiece size, shape and weight restrictions. Blast cleaning technology is currently the most common, most economical and reliable cleaning (rust) method.      Shot blasting works is converted into kinetic energy projectile impact on the workpiece surface. Blast cleaning efficiency depends on the number of projectile direction, size, speed and impact. Therefore, shot blasting machine economic, technical indicators Shot almost entirely dependent on the performance.




Blast wheel is key of the airless shot blast cleaning equipment, it’s longevity, high-efficient, low noise emission etc. enjoy the fame on the market of the world . In the recent years, curve-blade blast wheel which on top of the international technology had empoldered by us, and direct-driven blast wheel is the larges power in China.


Details of shot blast wheel


Belt-wheel blast wheel

Belt-wheel blast wheel is conventional, large rate abrasive flow and good cleaning effect etc. It is need part of the airless shot blast cleaning equipment.

Type Diameter of impeller(mm) Rotating speed of impeller(r/min) Maximum rate abrasive flow(kg/min) Power of motor(kw)
ZKQ05 400(pairs) 2200 160 11
Q033 400(pairs) 2450 180 11
Q034 420(pairs) 2600 250 15
Q035 500(pairs) 2200 360 22
Q038 500(pairs) 2370 970 75


Direct-driven blast wheel

Direct-driven blast wheel is one kind of new-design high-efficient blastwheel, beautiful apperance, compact conflguration low noise, economy and environmental production Q064Z37 type has the largest power and largest rate abraslve flow. In China now.


Type Diameter of impeller(mm) Rotating speed of impeller(r/min) Maximum rate abrasive flow(kg/min) Power of motor(kw)
ZKQ034 380(pairs) 2930 120 7.5
Q034Z11A 380(pairs) 2930 120 11
Q034Z15A 380(pairs) 2940 120 15
Q064Z30 400 (per) 2940 480 30
Q064Z37 415 (per) 2940 600 37

Our company

We are Located in the machinery manufacture base of DAFENG Seaport (top 10 of CHINA), develop for over 30 years of experience of R&D and sales, pass of ISO 9000 managment system & CE quality certification. As one of the leading machinery manufacturers such as: plate vulcanizing machine, Shot/Sand blasting machine(polish the steel surface rust, strength the steel qulity suit for steel plate, road surface, H beam, outer/inside pipe, oil pipeline casting etc);

Main Products List  
1 Stone Shot Blasting Machine; 11 Mesh Belt Type Shot Blasting Machine
2 Movable Shot Blasting Machine; 12 Direct-Driven Blast wheel;
3 Q32 Series Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine; 13 Belt-Wheel Blast Wheel;
4 Q37 Series Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine; 14 Jolt Squeeze Molding Machine;
5 QH69 Series Steel Structure Shot Blasting Machine; 15 Resin Sand Processing Production Line;
6 QH69 Series Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine; 16 Clay Sand Processing Production Line;
7 QH69 Series Through Type Shot Blasting Machine; 17 S14 Series Rotator Type Sand Mixer;
8 QGW/QGN Series Steel Pipe Exterior & Interior Shot Blasting Machine; 18  S25 Double-arm Sand Mixer;
9 Q76 Series Rotary Table Shot Blasting Machine; 19  S11 Series Wheel Rolling Type Sand Mixer;
10 Q38/48/58 Series Overhead Rail Shot Blasting Machine; 20  L12 Series Inertial Vibrating Shakeout Machine;

We can also design Casting Machinery according to your demand.Our machinery have stable performance , good quality and reliable service. We allow a proper discount according to the quantity you order.If you have any question, please feel free to contact us,I will try my best to meet your demand,It make our company great honour .


If you are interested in our casting machinery,

please let me know.

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